I’m never getting that hour and a half of my life back…

by sam on 11/2/2007

(NaBloPoMo day 2)

Posting immediately before and after midnight, by the way?  A really good way to kick out two days’ worth of posts in one sitting.  I thought this one should be a little bit more substantive than "hey!  I joined a new group!". 

So, anyway.  Last night was Halloween.  But instead of doing something traditional like going to a party or a haunted house or just sitting at home handing out candy, my folks and I decided to go see an off-off-broadway play at a theater near my house.  More specifically, this play.  That’s right, a one-woman show about global warming.  based on Lysistrata.  sort of.  with sock puppets. 

OK, so…the actress herself was somewhat engaging.  Incredibly self-absorbed (but what one-woman show wouldn’t be?) and overly earnest, but I did laugh a few times.  But the comparisons of herself to, um, Gandhi?  a bit much (the use of "ethnic" accents also bugged the living daylights out of me – overly "cute" bordering on offensive).  The incredibly over-long tangents about her personal life that had little to nothing to do with the plot or point of the narrative were crazy-making.  We all agreed that the show would have benefited from about 20 minutes of fat being trimmed.

of course, the best part being, while sitting next to my DAD, she pulls out the biggest, bluest [personal *massage* device] I have ever seen…if I wasn’t one of only eight people in the theater, I might have gone running out of the emergency exit. Yeah.  my dad’s a pretty hip, with-it guy who is very un-paternalistic, but there are still some things that I’d like to pretend don’t exist when sitting right next to him.

So…that was an experience. 

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