The point at which I realize that I’m officially too old for pop culture.

by sam on 04/15/2005

Wednesday morning, on my way to work, I saw, quite possibly, the scariest thing ever.

That’s right, I was in the same car as a Kevin Federline wannabe. It was so bad that I actually pulled out the paper notebook I carry with me everywhere (normally handy for keeping track of new kitchen appliance dimensions) to write down the following:

guy on the subway today, trying waaaay too hard, wearing super baggy "hip-hop" pants with, like, ribbons hanging off of them, "retro" windbreaker, and this plaid hat. That looks like something I’ve most recently seen on K-Fed [not that I spend a lot of time looking for pictures of the guy, but he shows up on Go Fug Yourself so often that I knew I’d find a picture of the same style hat there]. He sits down next immediately next to this woman, even though half of the subway car is empty. This was only after his failed attempt to look cool standing without holding on to anything when the train started moving. He keeps adjusting the hat so that it sits at "jaunty" angles on his head, but clearly doesn’t know what to do with it.

I kind of felt bad for the guy – he was clearly trying so hard. But I had to use all of my willpower to keep from just cracking up.

Oh, and in other news, It’s now 13 days until I close on my new apartment. Two weeks from today I will be an official property owner. I’m going to be in full freak-out mode until then. I took myself to my favorite sushi place last night (Yama), where I’m actually a regular. It’s pretty damn hard to become a "regular" anywhere in NYC, but I walk in there and get greeted by name, and I can actually order my "usual". And then I started getting all sad, because It’s a lot harder to stop off for sushi at 17th and Irving when you’re commute takes you from 52nd street to 72nd street on the west side. I’ll still go there, because my friends and I all agree that it’s the best sushi in the city, but the trips will be fewer and further between.

Man, I’m already getting nostalgic and I won’t be moving for, like, three months. That’s just sad. Ok. so here’s something silly that happened on my way home from dinner. Walking up Park, I see these two idiot "punk" looking guys (again with the trying and not so much with the succeeding), who are making somewhat of a scene. They’re walking around, being very loud, exaggeratingly "drunk". And then I notice Ice Cube hanging out in front of the W Hotel with the doorman (clearly waiting for his car). And I realize that these idiots are trying to get his attention. Which is funny, because they did – but only because he was basically pointing them out as idiots to the doorman.

So that was my week so far.

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