This week in the sideblog…

by sam on 01/16/2005

It’s the little things that add up…

Mon Jan 10 2005:

  • I sympathize with the police who still haven’t found the killer after three years, but the idea of mass dna testing of an entire town gives me hives. (11:07 AM)
  • yet another example of someone not understanding that when you post nasty things on the internet, someone may actually take offense. Like your boss. (4:32 PM)

Tue Jan 11 2005:

  • If you calculated my rent to infinity it would be a staggering number as well, but I’m certainly not facing a rent-payment crisis. (5:33 PM)
  • look, I agree that CBS screwed up on the whole memo thing, but the fact that the "blue-ribbon panel" didn’t bother to even interview the guy who provided CBS with the memos seems like an equally crappy oversight, particularly given that several people have lost their jobs as a result. (5:36 PM)

Wed Jan 12 2005:

  • A while back I mentioned that i didn’t recognize Daniel Day Lewis sitting a few tables from me at dinner. He wasn’t sporting the full beard, but is it any wonder after seeing this? (10:24 AM)
  • I’ve been having major problems publishing the main blog lately – it appears to take multiple attempts and republishing the entire thing. Entries will apparently be sporadic until it’s fixed. In the meantime, I did write a long entry about Christo’s Gates this morning that hasn’t been published. Go read the article instead. (10:27 AM)
  • really expensive custom made PC furniture…or you could just buy a MAC, which is so beautifully designed that there’s no reason to hide it in a cabinet… (3:17 PM)