signs and statues (and stuff)

by sam on 06/9/2016

As with any new, expensive toy, I’ve been carrying the new camera with me almost every day. It helps that it’s significantly lighter than the old one. I’ve also been trying to challenge myself by only using my prime 25mm lens for a little while (equivalent to a 50mm on a full frame camera) rather than one of the zooms that I also got. Don’t get me wrong – I find the zooms to be incredibly useful devices, but there’s something…elementary about having to go back to basics a little bit and work with a camera that that doesn’t move. If I wan’t to get closer to something, I actually have to physically move myself (Cropping afterwards has its own limitations).

Apparently I’ve spent the last few days focused on signs (one of my favorite things), and really noticing all of the municipal “works” we’ve got going on around here. and coffee of course.

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