just about done…

by sam on 05/11/2008

…with the revamping.

I’ve now got all of my pages, including photo albums, moved under the blog/wordpress architecture. I’ve also set the old index pages to redirect to the appropriate place, and I’ll leave those up for some time so that people don’t get completely lost. The only thing left for me to do now is fix whatever broken links I’ve got left. There are quite a few, in part because I didn’t catch everything when I ported over from iblog a year or so ago. Because there are so many, I went looking for something that would help me pinpoint them, and the Broken Link Checker plugin appears to be up to the task. I’ve fixed about 30-40 so far, and I’ve only got about 100 more to go.

To be fair, they’re not all my fault – I really can’t be held responsible for the fact that other people move their content, but I can at least fix my internal references…

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