one week down…

by sam on 09/19/2005

So I’ve been here for almost a week, and I’m starting to get used to it. I’ve been working a lot (that is why I’m here after all), but I did get the chance to do some exploring this weekend. In particular, I went to the Pantheon, the forum, Palatine Hill, and the Domus Aurea. And I took lots of pictures.

On Sunday, before I settled in to do some work, I did manage to find my way to the Prada on via del Condotti (It’s right at the bottom of the spanish steps, my hotel is right at the top). I was forced to buy a new pair of shoes thanks to the cobblestones that destroyed one of the two pairs of heels I brought with me. So clearly I needed to replace my ~$60 dead aerosoles with a pair of prada ponyskin loafers with the comfy driving moc bottom. The worst part about it? with the dollar in the toilet, I’m pretty sure I could have bought the same pair in NYC for less money. But there’s something about being in Italy, and not having to pay for any of the ordinary stuff (hotel, airfare, meals) that makes buying obscenely expensive shoes seem perfectly reasonable. And they are really comfortable.

Anyway, it’s 11 at night here, and I’ve got to be at the clients’ offices fairly early tomorrow, so I’m signing off….enjoy the photos.

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