Checking back in.


A whole week without blogging, even though I had access to a computer? Crazy.

I got back to New York on Tuesday night, after spending a few days in Vail with my brother. My attempt at skiing was futile, as a swollen ankle from falling down some stairs in Spokane (I know, nice move, and at a client’s house too!), combined with swollen feet from flying generally, made the rental boots feel like tourniquets on my feet and after half a run I was seconds away from taking them off and walking down the mountain in my socks. So I went window shopping instead (hey, it’s almost like a sport!).

Wednesday night, I went to a Jayhawks concert with some folks from work, and the rest of the time I’ve been dealing with apartment-buying stuff – meeting with mortgage brokers and lawyers and stuff. Hopefully I’ll be a condo owner within the next two months (I don’t want to talk about it too much, because I might jinx it). Back to work on monday, after catching up on the news and stuff…

Anyway, just wanted to check in an let y’all know I hadn’t disappeared permanently. Work should calm down a tiny bit after I get back (February is always the craziest month around there) and I’ll be a bit more human…

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Checking in from Spokane.


I’m out west visiting some clients (arrived last night). My meetings for today are done, and now I’m just lounging in the hotel, which is kind of nice, after all of the craziness of work over the past few weeks. After my meetings tomorrow, I’m officially on vacation – going to stop off for a few days in Vail to visit my brother (hi Jeff! I know you read this), and then back home for some home city sightseeing (I always say I’m going to take time off and just hang out in the city, but I never do it). I may tackle the rest of the new MoMA now that I have my membership card and can get in for free.

Between the travelling and the general busy-ness, combined with a hotel television that just confuses me (the channel guide doesn’t match what the actual channels are, so I spend half my time trying to figure out what I’m actually watching), I have no idea what’s going on in the world. At least they have free wi-fi – I’m off to catch up on news feeds for the next hour or so (the count is at 429 new articles, so if I don’t start reading, I’m going to never catch up…).

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