reading terminal market


I went to Philadelphia last weekend for my twentieth (!!) law school reunion, and in between the multiple parties and recuperative naps, I obviously wandered around town and took some pictures. This is the always fantastic sign for the reading terminal market, which is hard to photograph because it is wedged directly across a narrow intersection and behind this annoying streetlight.

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long day


At six am this morning, I was standing in my building lobby waiting for a car to take me to Pennsylvania.  I had to give a presentation to some clients.  All good, except there isn’t an espresso to be found anywhere in the Lehigh Valley, and the bagels are like kaiser rolls with holes in the middle.  It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that, yesterday morning, I woke up at the lovely hour of four in the morning, for no damn reason whatsoever. 

The plus side?  I billed over 11 hours today, and still got home by six pm.  And, I get to sleep in tomorrow morning thanks to the long overdue physical I have an appointment for at 11am (I wanted to make sure I’m up on all the necessary vaccinations and anti-malarials before I went jetting off to the asian subcontinent in two months).

Which reminds me that I have to work on getting that darn visa…

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