nyc subway | 23rd street and 7th avenue

by sam on 06/7/2015

The 23rd street 1 train station is another one of the original IRT lines, with classic mosaic subway tiling. Like 18th street, it doesn’t have any “special” mosaics identifying unique characteristics of the neighborhood (or other random artwork that doesn’t have any relationship to the neighborhood that we can discern), but the mosaics have been refurbished and/or redone to their original condition. Even without any distinctive neighborhood art, these original IRT stations are, as a group, significantly more beautiful than some of the lines that we’ll see further into the project that were built in later years when the MTA had no creative drive (or money).

I’m also going to start adding some more factual links to each post (prior posts will be edited to add this info), including dates that stations were built and other info that I can find without too much trouble).

Station opened: July 1, 1918 (renovated 1990s)
Original system: IRT
Trains: 1
Source: Wikipedia

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