tile | 365:091

by sam on 04/1/2013


Tile finally arrived today, almost a full week after it was supposed to show up. Yet another delivery window of 10-2 which resulted in the delivery actually arriving after 3pm. So pretty much an entire lost day as far as productive work in the apartment, but now we get to start moving forward again, and I’ve dug out the air mattress at my folks as they return tomorrow, so I lose the bed.

More than the delay, I have to say I’m most offended by the runaround, revisionist history and outright lying that the store engaged in. Today, they refused to refund even a portion of the exorbitant delivery fee that was originally charged because they claim the delay was completely reasonable and apparently entirely the fault of my contractor for not communicating with them enough. Nevermind that I, personally, was on the phone with them multiple times every day getting a different story each time, including last Thursday, when they placed all the blame on the manufacturer for shipping it wrong. Their truncated chronology jumps from Tuesday, when the tile was supposed to arrive (even though no one contacted myself or my contractor to schedule), directly to Good Friday, when my contractor refused to wait for a significantly delayed after-work-hours delivery. And that refusal apparently absolves the supplier of all responsibility for the delivery failures on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and the actual scheduled delivery window on Friday.

Hopefully this is the *thing* that goes wrong with the project, as at least one snafu is inevitable and this one doesn’t involve anything leaking or exploding.


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