carbonator | 365:054

by sam on 02/23/2013

Empty carbonator for my dearly beloved sodastream. Between the last time i swapped one of these out and now, the company has apparently decided to discontinue offering mail-order exchanges (I guess they’ve reached what they consider to be a critical mass of retail availability). Which means instead of conveniently ordering a replacement online, waiting for it to arrive and then packing this thing up and dropping it off at the UPS store about 3 feet from my apartment on my way out to do other things, I now have to drag this several blocks away to the closest store that even theoretically carries the large canisters, hope they have the right size, exchange it in person, and then drag the replacement home. It’s not really a big deal, except for the fact that I have to make a special trip for this, as i certainly don’t plan on dragging a giant canister of “contents under pressure” around with me (empty or, god-forbid, full) all day while I do other stuff.


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