030/365: high line

by sam on 01/31/2011

I decided to head down to the high line today, before another snowstorm hits this week, since I haven’t been down there since last year. For those who don’t know, the high line was an elevated railway in the meatpacking district that allowed trains (particularly stock cars) to pull up on sidings either right next to or inside the big meatpacking plants. The combination of trucking and the fact that most of those plants are now fancy designer showrooms left the high line to rust away. But now, it’s a fancy elevated park, with pretty cool views. It’s much prettier in the summer, when there are actual flowers in place of snow, but it’s still neat.

Today’s walk got pics of weird classic-modern architectural hybrid buildings, stairwells, rooftops, a menagerie of snow sculptures, doorways, sky bridges, fire escapes, super long-term parking, scooters trapped in the snow and the high line itself.

click on the thumbnail to get the full image.

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