by sam on 01/9/2011

making a few changes around the blog. I still liked the old theme, but it had gotten cluttered up with a bunch of stuff in the sidebar that was slowing down the whole thing, so I wanted to start over with something pretty stripped down – and when I saw the min theme, I thought it would be perfect. I’ve spent the morning cleaning things up and making a few tweaks under the hood, but the essential sidebar stuff is now down at the bottom, and I’ve included links to things like goodreads, flickr and the like, but I’m no longer putting the resource hogging plugins down there, since they cause the site to take forever to load.

In addition, I’ve finally figured out how to bring back comment registration (I had apparently unchecked a box somewhere, and it made everything disappear), so now you’ll have to register to comment on the site. You, being, of course, the three people who have commented in the last year, even without registration. But it should help slow down the torrent of spam comments that I seem to get on a daily basis, which is just annoying. Particularly if I don’t check in for a few days.

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