365:133-138 (this week)

by sam on 01/17/2010

Again, a bulk post to catch up on the last week of photos:

133:365 (library card)

In the 6th grade, I checked out a library book that promptly fell behind my dresser, and not wanting to admit this, I never returned it. My fear of getting in trouble turned into me not getting another library card for over 20 years. At which point I realized that (a) they probably don’t keep records that long, (b) even if they did, replacing the book would cost, like, $20 (c) it was a biography of John James Audubon, so who the hell would even miss it and (d) I don’t even live in that town anymore.

So…new library card!

134:365 (on hold)

took this 1 hour and 4 minutes into being on hold with B&N digital support, because my nook was connecting to the internet just fine, but wouldn’t actually download any books. Took about 30 seconds to solve once I did get someone on the phone.

(please note that I have missed days 135 and 136 – the first ones ever, and I feel really bad about it, but I had a job interview and was totally distracted by that!)

137:365 (early morning)

Apparently the trick to getting a table at my local coffee shop is to get there really early in the morning.

138:365 (boats)

taken at the south street seaport

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