yet again, the cable company makes me lose my marbles

by sam on 06/26/2008

I’m posting this from my blackberry because my internet has completely gone kaput at home. Which I was very happy to discover when I got home from work after 10 tonight.

Then, of course, I called the cable company, where, after wading through 18 menus of phone tree, I finally got through…or so I thought. No. Now they have what is known as an “automated troubleshooter”, so I have to answer about 1800 questions (reconfirming each time) that are on the technical “support” level of “did you unplug and replug in the modem?”

Finally, I just started shouting “operator” into the phone. At which point I spent another 10 minutes on hold before getting connected to some person who claimed to be technical support. Who refused to help me until I figured out how to connect my computer (in my office) with my modem (in my living room), because they won’t even speak to you if you use a wireless router that you don’t pay them for. Nevermind that the issue has nothing to do with the computer end of the phone and is entirely due to the fact that the “cable” light is no longer going on.

So then, after she does the ridiculously minimal “live” troubleshooting that just repeats what the automated voice made me do, she defaults to having to set up a service appointment. Which of course sets up another argument about the fact that the “emergency” service group that could maybe come this weekend is closed, and it’s looking like I’m going to have to wait until july 5th to get someone here.

Of course, normally I’d consider bagging on a weekday next week, but given that it’s the last week I’m in before I go on vacation, AND some work kind of blew up today meaning that next week might be kind of busy anyway, I thought actually going to work would be a good idea. Particularly since I CAN’T WORK FROM HOME WITHOUT INTERNET!