bad blogger!

by sam on 04/11/2008

Two whole posts in March! I know, I’m a very bad person. Perhaps it was all the time that I spent actually getting those India photos up and running. Five years ago, it made perfect sense to have my own photo pages. It was certainly before Flickr became mainstream (or even existed). I’m afraid I missed the boat on that one.

Perhaps it’s because I keep thinking I should talk about the election, but I’ve already got election fatigue and we haven’t even finished the damn democratic primary season. It’s just getting really ugly between the dems, and I’m not sure that it’s helping. And I’m speaking as someone who doesn’t have an irrational dislike of either of them. Of course, I’d vote for my stapler before I voted for McCain (and seriously, nevermind that he such mysoginistic asshole that he actually called his wife a c***, what does it say about his judgement that he doesn’t have the presence of mind to not do it in front of a room full of reporters?!).

Or, perhaps it’s because I’ve been working like crazy. The late night car service people got to know me very well for the last few weeks. I don’t really mind, it’s part of the job, but I am a bit exhausted. But my 3rd deal in two weeks is closing today, so I should be a bit calmer. My biggest problem isn’t the work, it’s that, when I get stressed out, and particularly when I have to get to the office earlier than my usual start time, I get this really annoying “waking” insomnia. Let’s say that, normally I wake up between 6 and 7 to go to the gym and get to work by 9:30. But instead, I have to be in the office at 8. No problem, right? I’ll wake up at my normal time but just skip the gym, right? Except that, ignoring all sense of tiredness (and my alarm clock which hasn’t gone off), my body decides I should wake up at 4am. So I can lie there for 3 hours trying to go back to sleep until I realize that it’s pointless and just get up. Which is why I’m sitting here at 6:30 in the morning explaining why I haven’t written a post in so long.

But it should calm down after today, and I’m looking forward to sleeping away most of the weekend. When I get some more energy, I’ll actually do an entry explaining some of those 600+ photos that I posted.

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