’bout time.

by sam on 01/28/2007

So I did actually make it to the Pinacoteca di Brera after I finished up at work yesterday. Helpfully, it turned out that I had a lot less work to do than I originally thought, so even though I had a slow start in the morning (and didn’t actually make it to the office until mid-afternoon), I was done in about an hour and really had no excuse not to walk around the corner.The art itself was really quite beautiful. Mainly religious iconography, which I always find fascinating, even though I don’t have any belief in the underlying subject matter (particularly new testament subject matter). Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, as there was a museum employee sitting in every single room to make sure that you didn’t take pictures. But, you can go here for a virtual tour.

I think my favorite part though, was that in walking around, you actually get to walk past both the storerooms (which have glass walls so that you can still see in), and the special room where they clean/restore art. Since it was Saturday, there wasn’t anyone actually working, but it was still quite amazing to see the equipment involved (the painting being restored was also about ten feet tall, so it was a pretty big room). I might have to take a side trip over there during the week before I leave, so that I can see them in action.

Of course, today, I didn’t do much of anything except clean my dust-magnet of an apartment (seriously – hardwood floors and zero rugs is just a recipe for disaster). It’s like the dust-bunnies breed on a daily basis.