I know, I know, it’s about friggin’ time.

by sam on 12/13/2006

We had a four-day weekend last weekend, thanks to it being Milan’s patron saint’s day (Saint Ambrose, for those of you who were wondering). I, however, did manage to go to work for three out of four of those days. Of course, just coming off of a two-week vacation back in the US, I couldn’t really complain. I also realized that if I had planned a bit better, I could have gotten my work done in about a day, but rolling out of bed at 11 or noon, then going to lunch, and only then going to the office certainly shortens the available work hours!


I did actually manage to remember to bring my camera with me when I left my apartment. Since my office is in the center of town, it’s a pretty easy walk to see some of the more photo-worthy sights in Milan. Compared to the rest of Italy, Milan is probably a bit less…photogenic (I’m sure you all want to see tons of photos of banks).

So on Thursday, when I went to the office, I took the bus to the Duomo instead, figuring I’d walk through. (Fun fact: next to the Duomo is the entrance to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Now, VEII was the guy who unified all of the disparate nation-states on the Italian peninsula into what we currently think of as “Italy”. He’s basically the Italian George Washington. In Rome, this rather officious looking structure, planted smack in the middle of the forum, is the monument to VEII. In Milan? Well, in Milan, they built a mall…). Of course, it was raining the first day (as it does on many days), so things are a bit grey…

I promise to have more exciting stuff soon. I’m thinking about booking a last-minute trip to Paris for the four-day christmas weekend, so I’ll be sure to take some photos there!

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