I guess I’m going to have to check my brass knuckles.

by sam on 09/12/2006

I didn’t even realize I was stressed out about this whole “moving to a foreign country” thing until I started waking up progressively earlier beginning on Saturday. This morning? I woke up at 2. And haven’t been able to fall asleep since.

So, in an attempt to be at least a bit productive, I decided to peruse the TSA’s prohibited items list in anticipation of my flight.

I’m going to be quite lovely after nine hours on a redeye flight with no toothpaste, lip balm, hand lotion, or deodorant.

Now look, I know the recent threats, and that’s all fine. But what really got me was the stuff I apparently still can bring on the plane, including:

  • cigar cutters (so that apparently you can pre-snip that cigar you’re not allowed to bring or smoke on the plane)
  • corkscrews (if you’ve ever seen me attempt to open a bottle of wine, you know just how dangerous these can actually be)
  • knitting needles
  • scissors with sharp/pointed edges as long as they’re less than 4-inches long
  • screwdrivers

And yeah, I get that nowadays, people aren’t just going to sit still and let someone with a pair of scissors take over the plane, but how in the hell are these considered less dangerous than a pudding cup?

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