Like this comes as a surprise to any of you…

by sam on 09/7/2006

Actual conversation (with a co-worker/friend) at work today:

co-worker: You’re going to hate me. After all of that talk about getting a mac, I bought an HP.
Me: I don’t hate you. I love my mac, but I get that they’re not for everyone (particularly someone who works on a windows computer all day).
co-worker: So, are you ready to go to Italy?
me: Just about. I haven’t started packing yet, but I have lists, I’ve ordered boxes, and I took a trip to the apple store on 5th avenue last night and picked up a few things.
co-worker: Like what?
me: oh, just some power adaptors, a travel backup drive for my laptop, and a set of speakers for my iPod. Oh, and a wireless mighty mouse. All stuff I sorta needed for six months away. I needed more power adaptors so that I can plug my airport in full time.
co-worker: you have wifi at home?
me: of course. Besides my two computers, I’ve also set up a wireless receiver on my TiVo so that I don’t need a phone line for it to update. Oh, and this way I can stream all of my music from my computer to my stereo system.
co-worker: …….wow. you really are a dork.
me: (laughing) yeah. you should have seen me in high school.

(Conversation then devolves into just how much of a dork I was in high school, with the academic league, math league, new jersey science competition (where we, yes, spent our saturdays travelling around the region in order to take competitive tests. Voluntarily).

Of course, the conversation made me think about this little essay by Sars the other day.

This is what happens when I’m not busy at work. Funny how they stop giving you new deals to work on when you’re a week away from leaving the country for six months!!

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