Meaningful films

by sam on 06/20/2006

I see movies in fits and spurts. I’ll go months without going to the theater, and then, like in the past few weeks, I’ll go see a movie each weekend.

First, I went to see the new X-Men movie a few weeks ago. It was OK. Certainly nothing compared to the first two. Frankly, I came home and watched the first film again on DVD because it was so much better.

Then, two weeks ago, my brother came into town (he’s now back in Micronesia), so we went for a family movie night to see “An Inconvenient Truth“, otherwise known as the most meaningful powerpoint presentation you’ll ever see. I seriously recommend the film, regardless of your political persuasion. You can’t walk out of the theater without trying to change at least a little bit of how we live on this earth. One of the interesting things I realized, however, is that while NYC certainly has terrible air quality, those of us who live in cities already do quite a bit. I already take mass transit or walk to work. All of my appliances are new and energy efficient. My apartment is small, so I don’t need a lot of energy to cool it in the summertime.

Interesting facts – Did you know that the reason that GM and Ford can’t sell cars in China is because we don’t meet China’s emissions standards? China!

Oh, and if he did run again (which he claims he won’t), I would vote for Al Gore in a heartbeat. Dude is smart.

In other movies, on Saturday, I went to the ‘burbs to visit my best friend, and we went to see “A Prairie Home Companion” – meaningful, but in a different way. I think you actually do have to be a Garrison Keillor fan to like this film. Much of it is basically “in-jokes” from the radio show, which I certainly listen to whenever I get the chance. It was odd and quirky, and yes, Altmanesque, and damn, Meryl Streep can actually really sing. But I was doubled over laughing at certain points, and it was worth the $10.