Things I learned today.

by sam on 02/19/2006

(and yesterday). My apartment is very drafty. The bedroom is the worst, thanks in large part to the air conditioning unit that is sitting in one of my windows – So much air was getting through, even with the cover that I put on, that my shades were actually fluttering (fluttering!) this morning. Not much I can do except put plastic window seals on all the windows. Unfortunately, when it gets a little warmer out, I have the reverse problem…

One of the quirks of living on the second floor of an 80-year old, 18-story building. Steam heat. They need to push enough heat through from the basement to keep the top floor heated to at least the minimum legal levels – Which means that when it’s not absolutely frigid out (like it’s been for the past few days), it can be a furnace in here. So the draft becomes a plus. Heck, I’ve been tempted to turn on the A/C.

Really, though – having to walk around my apartment wrapped in a blanket isn’t that big a deal. And I’m generally a naturally cold person too (so this may be partially in my head). But hey! I took some pictures of the apartment last weekend before I ventured out into the snow. I’m almost done furnishing (ordered a headboard and some more rugs from pottery barn today), but otherwise, I think I’m just about done. Here you go – they’re pretty self-explanatory (ignore the socks I forgot to pick up before taking the pictures!):

Now I just have to get around to hiring someone to reupholster the chair and the ottoman, and then I can decide that I hate everything and want to redecorate!

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