by sam on 11/9/2005

I’m really, actually, totally home for good this time.

I think.

Back when i left, in September, I was supposed to be gone for two, three weeks tops. Two months later, after putting myself through the wringer physically, we finally signed off.

And this last couple of weeks was certainly the worst. After I wrote last, when I got to come home for a total of 26 hours (including the extra hour I got for daylight savings time), I went back to London. From the time I left until Monday afternoon when we finished, I billed over 150 hours.

In 9 days.

150 hours is around what I normally bill in a not-crazy month.

Except for the night (I think it was Friday) where I was forced to go home and get a full night’s sleep because we were approaching the "final stretch", The most sleep I got in a night was 3 hours. From 5 pm saturday (when I came back from that long sleep) until 4 pm Monday, I worked straight through. This was by far the most grueling thing I’ve ever worked on, and I can’t even give y’all the details, because of that whole confidentiality thing.

And I lied when I said I’m home for good – but if I travel again, it’ll be for something relatively fun like the closing dinner. Which is rumored to be occurring somewhere fairly exotic.

I’m taking the day off to recover, and then I’m actually happy to be going in to the office. my office. With my stuff. and my colleagues.

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