What a day…

by sam on 07/18/2005

So, I was all excited today, because I got my new iMac, delivered to my office, sooner than expected.

Pretty cool, right? The only problem was that I clearly needed to take a cab, as the package weighed almost 30 pounds and I wasn’t about to drag it onto the subway. So I catch a cab outside of my office, and when we get down to around 23rd street, it becomes quite apparent that traffic is not moving. So I get out of the cab prepared to drag the computer the final 3 blocks, and when I get closer to my building, there’s this…

There was apparently a suspicious package, right on my corner. Once I got inside my building, the police actually wouldn’t let us back out, thereby pissing off a bunch of people who are apparently incapable of cooking dinner. I, of course, was just curious about what would happen. Because when there’s a suspicious package 50 feet away, and they’ve got the guys in the full body-armor bomb squad suits wandering around, it makes perfect sense to hang out in your building lobby right behind the giant plate glass windows. In the end, it turned out to be nothing. Well, not nothing, there was some sort of box taped to a lightpole, but it wasn’t a dangerous box.

My personal theory? it somehow got left in all of the detritus from Saturday’s street fair on my street, and was probably an improvised trash bin from one of the vendors that didn’t get cleaned up at the time. Because on Saturday night after the fair, there was trash everywhere, including piled up on the median in the middle of the street.

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