Maybe I should change the category name…

by sam on 03/30/2005

…because this is yet another post on the awesomest show on television, the Amazing Race. 2 hours tonight. With head injuries and car wrecks (and injured, but OK, cameramen) and Kalahari Bushmen. My completely irrational love for Boston Rob did fade a bit tonight, what with the not even slowing down at the accident site, but Lynn and Alex were so damn insufferable about the fact that they did stop, and, well, stand around for ten minutes while they watched production people actually call for help (and then brag about how selfless they were on the mat) that I think it balances the two teams out.

Oh, and the brothers? who I still can’t tell apart? walked away from their flipped humvee and still beat Ray and Deanna in an actual footrace to the mat. Which was awesome. Because Ray and Deanna? sucked.

To find out what actually happened in all of the episodes (all the way back to season one), check out Miss Alli’s awesome recaps over on Television Without Pity.

(Bonus feature, the sidebar quiz on the TAR episode page, which will soon disappear into oblivion? – "Ray: (a) Is an overbearing creep; (b) Is just trying to help; or (c) Needs to be stung to death by wasps"? (c) is leading by 56%, with (a) running a close second with 42% of the vote. I’m pretty sure that the 2% that voted for (b) is actually Ray.)