Why do I bother watching?

by sam on 02/26/2005

My normal morning routine involves listening to NPR, but this morning, stuck in the hotel, I turned on the Today show (hey, at least I could see pictures of home!). They’re doing the whole "who’s gonna win the Oscars" schtick, and the just had one of the talking heads outside asking questions (with the answers in envelopes). Anyway, the question was "what was the last comedy to win best picture?" And i was all, oh that’s easy, it was Shakespeare in Love…

The answer they gave? Annie Hall. I get that they were trying to emphasize what a long shot Sideways is, but really, it just makes their "experts" look even more stupid.

And SIL was definitely a "comedy" – it won the Golden Globe for that category (causing the big showdown that year at the Oscars between it and the drama that year, Saving Private Ryan).

Heck, I would even argue, although it was the GG Drama winner, that the following year’s winner, American Beauty, was very much a black comedy, and Chicago (2002 winner) wasn’t exactly a drama either. Oh, and Titanic was pretty damn funny too. But that may have just been the "acting".

I guess they had more important things to do than "research", what with all the time spent on the very important piece about Campbell Brown learning how to surf. I suppose that’s one way to write off your winter vacation in Hawaii as a business expense…

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