Vacation planning (or non-planning, as the case may be).

by sam on 12/22/2004

So I started thinking about where I wanted to go on vacation this year, and I finally decided that this was the year that I was going to take the trip to the Galapagos that I had been thinking about for some time. I tend to not plan far enough in advance, so stuff like this is always booked by the time I get around to making plans. So I started pricing things out, like airfare and figuring out which dates would work best, and then I decided something.

This is the year that I’m going to buy an apartment (or at least the year that I try really hard to find something). As such, that tax refund that normally gets converted into the "really nice vacation" fund is getting dumped straight into the "saving for a down payment" fund instead. I’ll still take some trips, because I’m entitled to the time if nothing else, but I think they’re going to be more along the lines of the parents weekend house, or if I want to go diving, going to a place like the Keys instead of, say, Fiji.

I’m really not complaining – I recognize that this isn’t exactly high on the list of difficult choices that most people have to make. It’s just an adjustment. It’s probably more about adjusting to the idea of spending a lot of money on a very small piece of property, and transferring that anxiety onto not getting to see giant turtles this year.

Now I have to go obsess about the newest listings on Corcoran…

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