Ch-check it out!

by sam on 06/18/2004

I know I’ve been doing the political rant think pretty consistently lately, so I thought I’d post something fun before I went away for the weekend. The other day, It was reported on Gothamist that the Beastie Boys were going to “show up” at 53rd and Broadway in connection with their appearance on Letterman that night. Now, my office is at 53rd and 6th, so clearly it became imperative that several of my co-workers and I go hang out on the corner for an hour and half in the middle of our workday. We did apparently get a better shot than most, because we ran into someone who had seen the rehearsal, and alerted us to the fact that the best vantage point was actually the subway station at the previous corner, rather than near the theater doors. We spent a while watching them mill around setting up the shot. But hey, you can see it for yourself:


I’ve circled myself and my friends in green on the left. You can’t even see me, because I’m wearing black and kind of standing behind someone from that angle, but the super-tall guy is one of my friends – he’s pretty much the only reason I could even identify our little group.

Oh, and props to the Europa Cafe (that we’re standing in front of) for keeping us in diet coke and air conditioned splendor right next to their giant picture window for the hour or so that we were waiting for anything to happen.

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