I think this means my trip is finally over…

by sam on 04/30/2004

I finally got my scuba pictures back from the Duane Reade (after much haranguing). Most of them were pretty sucky, because I was so deep underwater, but a few of them came out relatively well.

[Update 2015] In an effort to reduce the number of holdover pages on the blog, I am slowly (very slowly) integrating historical photo albums into the appropriate historical posts on the blog itself. As a result, you can now view the entire Belize album at the bottom of this post.[/end update]

It was really a great trip, beginning with the flight from Belize City to Placencia, where I got to sit in the copilot’s seat. Look! there’s the pilot! The plane had 10 seats. We landed at the bustling Placencia airport, where I was whisked to the Inn. For some reason, I didn’t take many pictures on site, but rest assured, it was beautiful.

Some of my scuba diving travails have already been discussed, but my favorite parts were the key islands that we used as our launching off points – Ranguana Caye and Laughingbird Key, and dolphins!! They wound up following our boat for about 20 minutes.

As I said before, only a few of the scuba pictures were worth printing, but here’s Francisco, my instructor, and me!

And the best part? having no freakin’ clue what was going on anywhere else in the world…

DSC00292.JPG DSC00226.JPG DSC00227.JPG DSC00228.JPG DSC00229.JPG DSC00230.JPG DSC00231.JPG DSC00232.JPG DSC00233.JPG DSC00234.JPG DSC00235.JPG DSC00236.JPG DSC00237.JPG DSC00238.JPG DSC00239.JPG DSC00240.JPG DSC00241.JPG DSC00242.JPG DSC00243.JPG DSC00244.JPG DSC00245.JPG DSC00246.JPG DSC00247.JPG DSC00248.JPG DSC00249.JPG DSC00250.JPG DSC00279.JPG DSC00285.JPG DSC00286.JPG DSC00288.JPG DSC00291.JPG IMG02 IMG03 IMG05 IMG10 IMG11 IMG12 IMG13 IMG15 IMG16 IMG21 IMG22 IMG26

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