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Happy fourth!?


I’ve been a bit down lately about my status as a second class citizen since the recent Supreme Court decisions, and have been thinking about tangible things I can do to at least make myself feel like I’m doing something, even if it amounts to spitting in the wind.

In the meantime though, my family is celebrating a very rain-sodden July 4th in the Berkshires and our barbecue got waylaid by the incessant rain. So…flag, and and barbecue trimmings being cooked in the kitchen.

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stars | 365:185


For the 4th of July, a closeup of the flag that draped my WWII-veteran grandfather’s coffin in 2002.


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Happy thanksgiving!


I’m sitting at the providence train station waiting for my train back to New York, after spending the thanksgiving holiday with my family in Plymouth. Lovely time, good food, and all the rest, but we couldn’t very well spend thanksgiving in Plymouth without going to see Plymouth Rock, now could we?


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discovering columbus


Thanks to a well-timed reminder from a friend the other day, I managed to snag a ticket for this weekend’s opening of Discovering Columbus. Artist Tatzu Nishi has done this with other monuments around the world, and here’s he’s created a living room set piece surrounding the statue of Christopher Columbus so that he becomes a really large coffee table display. Sure, it’s a little weird, but it gives people a rare opportunity to get up close to a piece of art (and views!) that is ordinarily out of reach at the top of a 70-foot pillar. It also serves as a preservation effort – once the exhibit is done, the scaffolding will remain so that the heavily worn marble statue can undergo its first restoration effort in over 20 years (why people continue to think that a soft, easily-worn stone like marble is a good medium for statues that spend all their time exposed to the elements escapes me, but the choice was made well-before the current decision-makers were born).

In any event, the photos are a bit repetitive, what with there being the one statue (and the 3 good views out the windows), but hopefully they’re enjoyable. I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance – it’s free, but you need to get a ticket to reserve a time slot for crowd-limitation purposes. The public art fund website appears to have crashed (or they forgot to pay their bill!), but tickets are also available on the third floor of the Time Warner Center.

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Happy July 4th


I normally try to dig up something inspirational for independence day, but today I didn’t get around to digging through my Thomas Jefferson reader or inspirational letters from Washington on freedom of religion. Instead though, here’s a pic of the flag my family of godless liberal heathens still feel inspired to hang on our front porch. Because this is America, where we have the freedom to be godless liberal heathens.


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