pandemic hobbies

by sam on 07/2/2020

we are living in interesting if…isolating…times. I’m relatively lucky in that I have a job that I can do from home (and that there’s still a job to do!) and that I don’t have to worry about how to suddenly home school several kids on top of trying to keep just myself alive. Right now my biggest issue day-to-day is that my cat is clearly annoyed with the fact that I am home ALL THE TIME. That and finding things to do while stuck at home during non-work hours that don’t involve getting sucked into hours of twitter nonsense or, well, eating. I like to sew, and I do needlepoint, but anything that complicated was overwhelming my pandemic-fried brain, so early on, when masks were in short supply, I decided to take some old scarves and some pillowcases and make my own face masks. It worked pretty well except that in the longer run, the scarf fabric was a bit too fragile to hold together after a multitude of washings and they started to fray. I still have a bunch, but they’re not gonna last for the long-haul that we’re now looking at. Plus, I was still bored. So I went searching online for fabric, and I discovered that I could get fun squares of cotton fabric for quilting that were the exact right size that I needed, and I made some more. I started out using the instructions in this youtube video, but after a while I started finding ways to make them a bit less raw-edged and fitted. Anyway, I thought it might be useful to post how I make them in case anyone else is bored out of their minds and wants to give it a try (or use that youtube video – it’s really useful for starting out!)

click on the thumbnails to find specific explanations.

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