stops | 365:151

by sam on 05/31/2013

This is a little cheat-sheet I made when I was re-taking photo classes a few years ago. It’s how the various stops work on the camera. It’s helpful for a few reasons. First, my camera has 1/3 stops, so it’s good to remember which are the “real” stops and which are the parts of a stop. Second, it’s good for comparison’s sake. if you take a photo at a particular aperture and shutter speed, and then you move one full stop “up” for the aperture and one full stop “down” on the shutter speed, you’ll actually have the exact same light exposure (but things like depth of field will change). Film speed/ISO also works the same way (and is much more adjustable on a digital camera for obvious reasons). So if you’ve got your aperture wide open at 1.4, and your shutter really slow, and you’re still not getting enough light, you can increase the ISO. Or buy a good flash.


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