049/365: sadie

by sam on 02/18/2011

For some time now, I’ve been contemplating getting some sort of pet. I’ve been wavering between a dog or a cat – I had both growing up, and loved having both. The “fun” part of my brain wavered toward dog, but the sensible part of my brain, the part that reminds me that I will have a job at some point and will not be home all the time to go on walks, wavered toward cat. I’d been visiting the cat adoption days at the local pet store, and had a few cats that I was keeping my eye on, but then my parents called me this morning from the vet (they were bringing ollie in again for more tests/treatment for the mystery disease he seems to have picked up at the tail end of his stay with me) to say that one of the cats the vet had available for adoption would be great – she was getting along with ollie in the waiting room, and they started sending me pictures. Needless to say, I ran over to meet her…

…And totally fell for her. She’s 9 months old and had been left as a kitten in a box by the clinic’s front door. So she’s been living at the vet the whole time, allowed to roam around and play with all the other animals and people. Which probably explains why she’s been so chill since she got here. I’m still in a trial period for the adoption, but I think we’re going to get along fine. The vets had been calling her Shea, but I nixed that. So now she’s Sadie.

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