high heels are dangerous

by sam on 11/5/2007

From feministing:

Two California women were killed in a freak train accident. Police believe the high heel shoes they were wearing may have hindered their escape from a car stuck on the tracks, the Los Angeles Times reports.

I religiously wear comfortable shoes to and from work (even though I’ve got a closet full of cute shoes).  Usually crocs, or sneakers, or (in the dog days of summer) flip flops (the more substantial croc or merrill type, not the ones that fly off my feet every three seconds).  I keep some "nice" shoes under my desk and change into them when I get to the office.  I usually do this because it makes it easier to choose to walk to or from work when the mood strikes (it’s not far, but no way am I walking over a mile in 2-3 inch heels), but apparently there are side benefits as well, like not getting killed by the subway. 

Oh, and during the blackout of 2003, I had to walk down 25 flights of stairs, and then to the upper west side to stay with a friend who lived on a low floor.  No one was making fun of me that day.

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